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10-20 Media, Inc.

16005 Frederick Road
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United States

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Company Profile:
GardenQuest is a Unity 3D gardening game created by 10-20 Media. The game targets English speaking females over 25 years old. GardenQuest will soon be coming out of BETA and is looking to grow its user base. We are interested in developing a relationship with a publishing partner. We are currently hiring Unity mobile developers.

GardenQuest - The 3D Gardening Game

What we offer:
1. Expertise: GardenQuest is a 3D gardening game designed to touch mankind's inherent desire to be in the garden. 10-20 Media brings 25 years of marketplace experience and retail relationships to the table.

2. Offering: We've created a visually stunning 3D creative canvas . It is a mix of personal expression mixed with game mechanics. GardenQuest is relaxing, engaging and rewarding.

3. Use: Currently on the Facebook Canvas, and soon to be on iOS devices, GardenQuest is a Free-2-Play game that monetizes virtual goods.

4. Advantages: GardenQuest is not 'another' isometric grid game. It targets an under-served audience. Like music, gardening is a universal language.

What we are looking for:
Our need: GardenQuest is live on Facebook in BETA with 20,000 MAU's. We are preparing to port the game to iOS. We are interested in forming a relationship with a publishing partner and/or an investor to scale GardenQuest internationally.

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Main Contact

Steve Cissel

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