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Crisp Thinking Ltd.

The Hall, Salem Chapel, Hunslet Lane
ZIP Code
LS10 1JW
United Kingdom


Company Profile:
Crisp Thinking is the global leader in online community management software. The Crisp Platform identifies and prevents all unwanted behavior types in MMOs and online kids environments by analyzing in-game actions, as well as moderating chat. The Crisp technology offers a cost effective and scalable solution to protect online environments from spammers, predators, hackers, trolls and much more.

Crisp Thinking - Player Watch - Protection against; bots, spammers, hackers, predators and much more

What we offer:
Crisp Player Watch is the only solution available to the MMO market that can guarantee to accurately detect all threats to your game, your economy and your users. We build detailed user profiles by analysing multiple in-game events rather than trying to identify individual cases of bad behaviour. This means we can quickly and accurately identify real threats and automatically remove them from your game.

As well as Player watch Crisp also has a solution for Kids and Teens environments that protects against Predators, Bullies and much more. We do this by profiling users based on their chat interactions to intelligently build profiles and take automated actions against threats to your community. We do this whilst automatically filtering out all of the profanities and inappropriate chat.

What we are looking for:
Whether you have an Online Game or a Kids & Teens environment Crisp's market leading solutions will provide you with the tools to automatically identify and prevent all threats to your environment, your economy and your users.

We'd welcome the opportunity to talk with you in more detail about how our solutions can automatically protect your game against all threats, reduce Customer Support & Moderation costs as well as give you unrivaled analysis on all threats, behavior issues and feedback from your community.

  • PC/Mac Downloadable Market
  • Social Network Game Market
  • Web Browser Game Market
  • Web-based MMO Market

Main Contact

Joshua Sugarman

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