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The Half Round House, Round House Business Park
ZIP Code
LS12 1DR
United Kingdom


Company Profile:
Dubit develops iOS, Android and browser games for children. Clients include Cartoon Network, BBC, the film Dorothy of Oz, and many innovative start-ups. Uniquely, Dubit's studio includes a research team that involves children in the design of their games. Dubit Research has worked with Club Penguin, Turner and Mind Candy.

Dubit develops iOS, Android and browser games for children.

What we offer:
Dubit develops virtual worlds and games for children's entertainment brands. Our games run on iOS, browser, and Android platforms.

Dubit have developed a virtual world technology platform that includes all the common virtual world features found in games like Club Penguin. The technology platform includes Dubit's Adventure Engine, that enables the rapid creation of adventures and quests, turning virtual worlds into casual MMOs.

Dubit's team has worked in the field for over ten years and has developed games for Cartoon Network, BBC, and the new Dorothy of Oz film, as well as many innovative start-ups.

Uniquely, Dubit includes a youth research team which involves children in the design of its games. Dubit's research team has worked with Club Penguin, Turner and Mind Candy, amount others.

What we are looking for:
Dubit works with children's entertainment brands that are looking to take their IP online and benefit from the opportunities that virtual worlds, online experiences, and mobile games have to offer.

Dubit strategy team can help brands develop their digital business models, using subscriptions and micro payments to drive revenue from their games.

We've worked with brands that have fully established IPs though to those with the most basic concept that they wish to test online before seeking funding to bring it to TV. Clients have included some of the biggest games companies in the world to small book publishers, banks, toy companies and film studios.

Main Contact

Ian Douthwaite

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