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450 Geary Street
ZIP Code
San Francisco
United States


Company Profile:
Swrve is the world’s first mobile game optimization platform.

In addition to class-leading analytics and segmentation capabilities, Swrve enables A/B testing of game elements on the fly.

Some of the world’s leading games developers use Swrve to go beyond ‘dumb analytics’, optimize game experience, and deliver new levels of acquisition, retention and monetization as a result.

The world's first game optimization platform

What we offer:
Swrve is a comprehensive game optimization platform that provides product managers and marketers with everything they need to optimize and personalize game experience, driving acquisition, retention and monetization metrics.

Swrve 'closes the loop' and turns analytics into action by empowering the business user to make changes to the app deployment right there and then in the dashboard. And those changes are informed by data from A/B tests performed within the app itself.

Thus Swrve users can identify issues or areas for improvement in their game, test alternative solutions, and deploy 'winners' - all from the same easy-to-use dashboard, and without requiring engineering input.

What we are looking for:
If you're a product manager or marketer looking to maximise and track acquisition, increase in-game purchases and improve player retention, Swrve is for you.

If you are still guessing how to solve these problems, Swrve can help you use actual user data to establish what actually works, and which customer segments prefer which game features.

  • Middleware, Monetizaton Platforms
  • Middleware, Tools
  • Other (Please Specify) Game Optimization, Testing, Analytics

Main Contact

Hugh Reynolds

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