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Mollerusweg 102
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2031 BZ


Company Profile:
Scalable Infrastructure & Internet Solutions for the Online Gaming Industry: LeaseWeb is a quality hosting infrastructure provider and operator of a first-class worldwide network with an uptime of 99.999%, 2.5 Tbps of available bandwidth and over 45.000 dedicated servers as well as a fast growing Cloud platform at eight datacenter locations in Europe and United States.

Hosted infrastructure solutions including traditional dedicated server hosting, cloud and colocation.

What we offer:
LeaseWeb provides a portfolio of hosted infrastructure solutions including traditional dedicated server hosting, cloud and colocation. Since the best configuration for your business may span more than one platform, we can help you mix and match to create the optimal hybrid solution for your business. All backed by a first-class worldwide network with a network uptime of 99.999% and capacity of 2.5 Tbps.
From full enterprise MMO gaming publishers to small, startup browser game developers; LeaseWeb understands that every online game has its specific infrastructure and connectivity requirements. We offer a wide range of hosting solutions tailored to each individual gaming company, adding value in four key areas: Reliability, Scalability, Connectivity & Competitive Pricing.

What we are looking for:
Online gaming companies that are looking for reliable dedicated hosting services, great connectivity, scalability and connectivity at competitive prices.
LeaseWeb knows that every customer has different needs. Therefore we offer a wide range of products: Dedicated Servers, Colocation, Cloud and Custom/hybrid Infrastructure solutions. We also provide a wide range of networking options that allow customers to tweak their level of connectivity, bandwidth and speed.

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Main Contact

Paul Grimwood

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